My name is Anna Rose. I am a Romanian creative person who identifies as a goth and enjoys the darker side of things. I could say that I am a bit of a jack of all trades. I say that because I delve in many forms of art and I have done so for quite a while now.
First I started creating visual art in the form of drawing and painting. Later on I started writing and I ven wrote a whole novel by the time I was around 17. However, it didn't get published then and now, having grown up since then, I am working on bringing it to the level of maturity that I possess now. Maybe this time I will have better luck.
I have dabbled in music and I still do sometimes, but I've never done it professionally.
After moving away from home and from my country of origin all the way to Finland, I started working on my aesthetic and occasionally pose for a few
photographers, whenever I meet a like-minded photographer who happens to share my ideas of beauty.
My latest artistic endeavour is make-up. Since I started playing more with my outer appearance, I also began experimenting with make-up. Somehow it became one of my main occupations at the present moment and I am loving it. I even have a YouTube channel, though not a very big one, where I upload video tutorials on how I create some of my looks.
I also enjoy baking and making sweets that look like works of art.
I am a very friendly person even if I rarely smile in photos. I am very shy and I have a hard time speaking in real life to people I've just met or I'm otherwise unfamiliar with. However, I have no problem communicating through writing.
I am honest and I appreciate honesty in others above all else.
I am a book worm.
I am a freak for details, especially when it comes to art.
I cry while watching movies and not just the sad ones, but pretty much any emotionally charged scene, be it happy, sad, dramatic, whatever.
I have a beautiful kitty named Lucifur, or Lu for short.
I love winter, cold weather and snow.
I love getting to know interesting, talented and creative people.
When I get really invested in doing something, I tend to obsess over it to the point where I eat, drink and breathe that thing until it is done. And then I start all over again with something else. It's usually drawing or painting that gets me into this
intense trance-like mode.
I'm not really sure what else to say. Just feel free to contact me at any time and ask me anything.