Atsushi Sakurai from Japanese visual kei band Buck-Tick. This is my biggest close-up portrait so far, being on A3 paper. Although a lot of my art nowadays tends to be more fantasy-oriented, I started drawing by doing portraits. This is also the first portrait I've done in years. I know the highlights in the hair could've been much better, but at this point in still figuring out new techniques and I don't really know how I could've done them differently in this case. But, as they say, practice makes perfect, so I will just keep on trying until I get better and better. So far, I'm satisfied with how this one came out, since I believe I did manage to capture the essence of his face and all of his dark, hypnotising charm. Leave me your feedback! I'm curious what you think.

A3 paper
Dry brush oil technique
Oil paints

by Anna Rose
Thursday, 2 March 2017