Wolves Circling Prey - Curse (Demo)


Hello, my dearest Darkglings!

I apologize for being MIA for so long, but life has been really crazy lately. A lot of things have happened, I got involved with a lot of things that I've always wanted to do and, even though I don't really have any time anymore, I am actually pretty happy, albeit tired beyond hope.

I have started studying the piano as well as singing lessons. These are two things I've been wanting to study for as long as I can remember, yet was never able to afford them until recently.

I have also joined a band after what seemed like an eternity of searching for the right people. We're only at the beginning of our road together, but I can already tell that the chemistry between us is perfect, with all of us devoted to music and committed to this project. We are now in the process of creating as much material as we can, so that once we will have found the rest of the necessary band members, we will be more or less ready to go into the studio and record everything properly. We're also hoping to get on stage as soon as possible, and put our work for all to see.

I have sincerely missed all the awesome creative people in this place. I promise I'll be popping by more often!

Oh, support my band! (pretty please with sugar on top!)

*insert shameless advertising bellow*

IG: @wolves.circling.prey

*shameless advertising over*

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